Started new job with apple but they are asking for IBAN number

I’ve recently joined apple but they are asking for an IBAN number for receiving my salary.

I know I can generate one but is this reliable?

It’s had reportedly mixed results, sometimes working, sometimes not. The one time I used a generated IBAN, it worked OK. But for a repeating salary transaction I’d be inclined to use a bank account which supported IBANs and then transfer the salary to Monzo each time it is received.


I have sent payments from Ireland and the Netherlands using a generated Monzo IBAN and it has been successful every time (the last time was over a year ago though for the record).

That being said, Monzo does not officially support it right now and cannot guarantee it will actually work correctly if attempted. If it goes wrong, it could get stuck in another banks holding/settling account (international bank transfers are a daisy chain of transactions between possibly multiple banks), and Monzo cannot be guaranteed to recover any money.

I’m happy to take the risk as I attempted it with small amounts first. Would I risk a whole months salary? Not sure.


After reading all the comments and forums I’ve decided to not take the risk, can’t risk not getting my salary, especially that no one can do anything as Monzo doesn’t support it yet. Thanks for the advice.


Ex-Apple here.

I tried using a system generated IBAN for payroll once, but the webform wouldn’t accept it.

You’re still paid from a UK account (regular pay at least- expenses are paid from Ireland), so I suspect if you could get the number into the system, it would be fine, but as you say, not worth risking your salary over.

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Hi :wave:t3:

We don’t support IBAN at the moment unfortunately. As noted, you can use the one generated in Wise, but we would ultimately prefer you to send and receive directly through Wise to avoid any issues.

Not that we don’t love you as a customer, but some other fintech banks do offer IBAN linked to their accounts, I’m sorry it’s not us :pray:t3:

I’d have thought being a permanent UK resident and employed by Apple in the UK you’d be paid as majority other people are? Unless I’m making assumptions on the latter.


Another ex-Apple here.

As Ben said, standard salary is paid from a UK account, but there are instances when money is paid from non-UK accounts. Onboarding requires an initial IBAN to cover these instances, although may never be used. Still not worth the risk though.

That’s how it worked in my day, anyway.


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Unfortunately like previously stated we don’t have set IBANs Wise is your best bet or another bank that allows direct international payments.


I’m not sure it’s plausible, assuming the funds are from American not Europe :speak_no_evil::joy:

Apple don’t accept Wise IBANs for the same reason they won’t accept Revolut’s or Monzo’s made up one.

You really need a proper bank account with a proper IBAN. On the fintech side of things, the only choice is Starling right now.

If you’re a customer and ever need to receive a refund after the card you used has expired, you’ll also need a proper IBAN to receive the refund. They don’t do cheques.


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That’s a solid choice, and probably the best bet for the OP. Let’s be honest, Starling’s a decent bank and has it’s uses.


Unless you work for Monzo :eyes::sweat_smile::rofl:

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I’ve not had the joy of testing it out.

We do get some rollouts sooner for testing so whether it’s bulletproof for that specifically I wouldn’t know.

Others have said the generated one online works, and don’t think the format was any different.

Can you open a bank account with a legacy bank and then do a full account switch so it forwards for 3 years (and still use the legacy bank IBAN number?).

I would assume so as it’s still a payment inbound to that account, you’d need to check with the bank you’re receiving the international payments with.

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