Using Monzo for payments from eu

Hello there,
Anyone knows if it’s possible to use Monzo account that has been opened in UK. But I’m currently working in one of the EU countries. Does anyone knows if it’s possible to receive my salary to this account?

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Hi. Welcome.

Monzo can only receive GBP. You can use Wise to transfer it over.

You’re also supposed to be a UK resident to have a Monzo account so if you’re going to be there long term I’d look for a new bank and then you’ll find getting paid easier too.


I have sent Euros to Monzo so it is possible to receive payments in Euros. Monzo automatically converts it to GBP upon receipt.

@Katkana The problem you will have is Monzo isn’t formally accepting IBAN transfers. They do work maybe, probably, and did for me, but they will not guarantee it will work. Payments could bounce etc. Also foreign HR departments will probably not allow the Monzo IBAN details. You could try it, but as @Revels states, its best to use a company such as Wise (formally TransferWise),