IBAN and SwiftCode


I’m starting a new job soob and I decided to give them my Monzo account details for my salary payment.

They’ve told me that Monzo isn’t set up on their system and asked for the IBAN and SwiftCode of the account.

I asked support over 5 hours ago but haven’t had a response and in the meantime I’ve been searching and have a feeling Monzo can’t provide these. Can anyone here help please?

Is the company paying you based in the UK? Monzo doesn’t fully support international payments yet so it can be a bit hit and miss and not always reliable which is why IBANs aren’t given out

I’m going to be working for a UK company but they’re part of an international group, that’s as much as I know!

Monzo does not yet support receiving SWIFT-based payments, so your best bet is to use something like TransferWise Borderess or Starling Bank (both are modern and can open an account in minutes).

From there you can use standard UK Faster Payments to send the money back to Monzo instantly!