Moving Apple income into Monzo

Employees of Apple in the UK! I want to switch my bank over to Monzo but I heard from a colleague that moving your monthly income directly into your Monzo account isn’t possible because Apple ask for some an IBAN that according to them Monzo doesn’t have.

Has anyone had any success getting there pay from Apple debited directly into Monzo? If so it it just as easy as going through the account switch process?

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It might be worth trying the current account switch service. There’s a pretty good guarantee. Your old bank should forward the funds to Monzo.

Find out from your current bank how you’re getting paid , if it’s a BACS payment then I’d say you’re okay moving your payment details to monzo

You can use an IBAN calculator to find your monzo one because all it is is your account number and sort code plus a unique bank identifier in one string.

Monzo don’t supply it because it may not accept transfers from abroad so to stop international inbound transfers bouncing and then having lots of angry customers, but if all Apple’s systems are doing is reversing the IBAN string to work out your sort code and account and sending a UK payment then you’ll be fine.

But if you do a switch and don’t update Apple with your monzo details, your old will forward the money, but not forever iirc.

IBAN is coming soon :eyes:


I have the same issue. The head office of my employer is US based and so I need to provide an IBAN number in order to have my salary paid in to Monzo. So for the moment I’m stuck doing manual transfers.

My bank recognised the payment as “bank gyro credit” which the bank has informed me is the same thing as a BACS payment.

As well as that, Apple seem to only require your name, account number and sort code to change your bank, starting to think this will work out ok.

That’s great,

I guess as long as it accepts the monzo sortcode you should be good (old systems might not, but double check that you’re entering the correct sortcode as people often swap that last 2 numbers in error)