Starling Feedback

Guess this is just a preference thing. I much prefer the way I can just click the button at the bottom left which shows me my balance and what I spent today, than to have a quarter of my screen taken up at all times.

To be honest I can’t make heads or tails of Monzo’s graph. Seems to be that all it tells me is that as I spend money the amount of money I have goes down? I have no idea how I am meant to use it, or what insight I am meant to gain from it?

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Yeah Monzo is graph is bad, there’s no arguing with that


I’m sure there’s loads who could try and rip into Starling. I don’t agree with a fair few of their policies and practices, but they’ll just nuke it if people go too far. People need to have a bit of decorum in situations like this.

Oooooooooooooooook then.

Why would anyone want to deliberately sabotage their Q&A? If Tom did this, fans of Monzo would be pissed off if non-Monzo users hijacked the conversation.

I don’t see any benefit and it’s pretty childish behaviour.


Where has anyone mentioned sabotage? Feel like I’m missing something.


That is something i raised last summer with them… August 2017!

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I’m sure you’re not that naive…

I’m not. Please elaborate on how you came to see that as a threat of sabotage.

I’m all ears. Well, eyes.


This has spun off in an odd direction. Why would anyone want to hijack anything? This feels more like a case of the tone of the forum lying in the eye of the reader rather than the keyboard of the author. :tired_face:


I think he can handle it

Yeah, some guys turned up from another forum and turned it rather sour.


that’s a lot hypotheticals :sleeping:.

I don’t mean you! :slight_smile:

I really don’t like the way the forum allows this, it should put the name of the person who flags it to stop the abuse.


Shame about someone flagging posts.

On the topic of this forum though, I do wish Monzo would be a bit quicker with some features. I love that Monzo takes the time to get things implemented in the best way they can but features such as Flux support on Starling look very attractive to me. Monzo has been in closed testing with Flux for way longer than Starling!


To be fair people are most likely flagging it as off topic which is probably true :man_shrugging:t3:


Closing for now while we deal with the above.


Hey all, I’m leaving this thread closed for now. Unfortunately, it’s repeatedly become off-topic and non-constructive. I’ve had to lock the thread many times and send out a lot of warnings. The history here is sadly too toxic and isn’t the kind of atmosphere we want on our forum.

Feel free to create a new thread instead. But as a reminder, we don’t tolerate posts that break our Code of Conduct so we’d ask that the discussion stays on topic about Starling only.