Monzo compared with others

I’ll be receiving a monzo card soon. Currently using weswap and revolut.
Also ordered starling and curve.
So I’ll have a whole wallet of cards to test and compare mainly for South America with non supported currencies.

Weswap has been excellent so far but no good for atm withdrawals as I get charged for anything under 200 but I can’t withdraw over 200 due to atm limitations. Hasn’t failed in any shops and also worked online for mercadolibre.

New to revolut, much better app with real time transaction data. Although missing the desktop portal so I have to use an emulator on Windows. So far so good and atm free up to 200 so works well with the weswap limitation.

I like the look of starling and the fact there don’t seem to be limits on free atm withdrawals. Curve connects to your existing UK cards which could prove useful. Different concept so no need to load but limited to 500 a month on the free blue card.

Looking forward to trying them all out. Of course the monzo.

I want my partner to have a joint account/card so Monzo has a plus for this (starling seem to offer this too)


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Looking forward to how you get on with them all :+1:

Interesting to see how you get on. There are individual feedback threads for most of these.

Re revolut:

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