Starling Feedback

I’ve taken the plunge and opened a Starling Account. Decided to switch my Halifax account to starling as it lies dormant and Starling have a richer feature set.

The recent problems with support and the general direction of Monzo compared with Starling has pushed me to take a look at the competition so I think it will be fun to get a greater insight to what others in the fintech space have to offer.

Already I think the app feels quicker/smoother and when I needed to ask a question about switching I got an answer in two minutes. As it stands I’m almost in day 3 of waiting for a response from Monzo


“anne, why do you think I’m obsessed with a bank I don’t hold an account with…?”


Hopefully she can answer that for you Loz


@anne is on Radio 4 at the moment

Got asked why no FREEPOST for cheques. Said there will be

On-air commitment


Last two or three minutes of tonight’s Moneybox if you fancy a listen for yourself

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You don’t have a Starling account? Genuinely surprised.


The transaction came through again this morning:( Screenshot_20181119-105134_Samsung%20Experience%20Home

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So unfortunately although quick to reply, the advice you were given was wrong. Very disappointing that this is still happening.

The transaction wasn’t declined.


I’m unfamiliar with how payment processing works so I don’t know if it is possible for it to appear declined for starling and for Tesco to then try again later. So perhaps wrong, but maybe that was all they knew of? I don’t know really

Although it says changed so that indicates they had some record of it

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You got charged twice? What’s the again?

Is it showing a a delayed or offline payment?

The whole thing sounds weird as a declined transactions should still show in your feed,

I’m guessing it was a glitch from Tesco , the machine ‘contacted’ starling but something went funny and it didn’t complete and then Tesco went and processed it later.

( Some info on processing )

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Not with Starling, or at least it didn’t unless this has changed very recently. I haven’t had any declines since I stopped trying to use my Starling Card for Pay@Pump

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Transferred some cash yesterday in my Starling app rather than Monzo - The Starling app is still much much nicer to use. The payment section of Monzo is really bad.


Starling doesn’t show declines nor reversed (when the authorisation has been reversed by the merchant before presentment) transactions. They just disappear from the feed.

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I thought that was still the case.

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Somethings are definitely better in Starling but I can’t stand the pulse graph in Starling. Looks great when you’re doing 5+ transactions a day but for me its a blank empty waste of space most of time and this is the first screen I see when I open the app… I’d rather the Spending screen be the main screen and change the timeframe for what is shown on the pulse graph to something more useful


Yeah, though at least you can press through to a fill screen listing, and it doesn’t take up a quarter of your screen at all times (cough Monzo cough).

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But the Starling graph takes up my whole screen all the time and most of the time its blank as well.

I tend to do most of spending at weekends with the odd payment here and there through the week so for me its a complete waste of space. I’d rather lose quarter of my screen in Monzo and at least show a graph than lose a whole screen in Starling and show an empty space

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By this logic any app only ever shows you what’s on the first screen when you open it (e.g. Monzo only shows you the graph and the first 5(device dependant) transactions.

My point is that starling take up an entire screen to show a graph where Monzo only takes up a quarter of the screen and the Monzo graph at least uses that space to show something whereas the starling graph is blank unless you’ve made a transaction that day

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development around lending facilities.

Spreading the cost feature like starling & personal loan option intertwined with the over draft (like starling).