Starling Feedback

If you read their forum, I don’t think you’d say that.

It’s obviously impossible to know how many users are using it, and how much it’s costing them.

I think it’s great they are getting rid of it.

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Exactly… so it could be costing them a lot. My guess is it’s a cost they want rid of but it’s really not worth discussing any more since we don’t know.

I have read their forum BTW.


The feedback regarding the removal has turned to a comparison of monzo doing the same. Interesting to see how they compare it…

Not sure how it was exaggerated when it was shown in the accounts


I’m going to be in the minority here (given this topic) - But I really don’t think it’s healthy to discuss what the people are saying on the Starling forum.

If you want to discuss it, why not head on over and do so?

But pulling snippets out every now and then just ends up with a misinformed view.

Unless of course this topic changes to “Starling Community Feedback” - In which case it’s perfect :joy:


I see your point and I agree more context should be provided.

I made a presumption others would read the posts surrounding it to get an understanding.

Either way both forums are just as guilty :see_no_evil:


It’s really hard to get a feel of user reaction unless you read the forum a lot (and learn peoples personalities etc).

It’s 10 times harder here, because of the amount of members we have, and the sheer number of threads/posts.

To be fair, the monzo forum is mentioned over there, but it’s not a case of “look at this thread” - It’s more general. It’s also not mentioned very much at all.

Like I said though - If people enjoy discussing fintech stuff, it’s worth signing up to their forum and chipping in with your opinion (based on your experience with Monzo).

It would be well received, and you might be able to share ideas.


While I agree that card top-ups had to go, it is easy to decide to take away a feature which costs Starling money.

By comparison, it has taken quite long to give users an option to have replacement cards delivered abroad and ended with a massive fee for that service.

The decision about card top ups was made some time ago, in my opinion. It wasn’t presented as an option to add money in new FAQ released 2 days ago which means it wasn’t consulted with their community who only realised what was happening a couple of hours ago.

I fully agree with the decision but today’s opinion request from Anne Boden and consecutive opinion poll were an exercise as far from transparency and democratic vote as it gets. Starling should’ve just issued an announcement about terminating this feature and it would’ve looked much better. They had a full right to do it as nobody on that forum invested their own money in the business.

After this week, their announcement about becoming profitable can be expected to arrive good several months earlier.

To Monzo now. Do what is right to run profitable business which will benefit all users in the long term. In the end, do you want to be the only current account in the UK the which can be topped up by card at no cost? Charge for it or get rid of it.


I’m actually all for this thread. I love that Anne has been interacting with the community and they helped her come to a decision.

I would imagine that not as many customers at Starling use the top up option as they have never been a pre-paid card so it may have been an easier decision to remove it (who knows…) but none the less, a good move for them.


What a load of gullible sods they are over there…

Timeline of events from where I’m standing:

  • Starling remove topups for new users - they forget to tell anybody :full_moon_with_face:
  • People notice + complain on the forum
  • Anne pops up on forum, asks what Starling should do about existing users
  • Forum says remove topups for them too
  • Anne returns with an obviously predecided decision.
  • Everybody hails the Starling/Community bond stronger than ever and forgets that they didn’t tell anyone in the first place.

All the lovely new Starlings that are using the card for a travel card will be so disappointed with this Sunday night ( :slight_smile: ) decision , did Starling notice a spike in their costs following Martin Lewis recommendation ??? - ATM withdrawals limits abroad decided by the ladies and gentlemen of the community after an evening of intensive, inclusive, open discussion next Sunday night ??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

All complete conjecture of course :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure it was well advertised that top ups were being removed. I have never used it personally (yes I’m a gullible sod…) but can understand why people might miss it. If they have never had it however (new users) they can’t miss it.

It wasn’t.


I’m not sure how I knew about it then. I’ve used starling far longer then Monzo and it wasn’t news to me

I don’t believe it has been advertised at all but new customers had the ability taken away recently to top up.


I must be psychic then I guess.

A few key corrections on that timeline.

It wasn’t noticed on the Starling forum at all. It was pointed out here, in the Monzo forum first.

No one was massively annoyed by it being removed (apart from a few who really don’t look like genuine customers).

There was certainly feedback that it should have been communicated better - I really don’t know why it wasn’t announced.

But even with that feedback, not many were particularly upset by it.

A lot of comments have alluded to the fact they think it was a pre determined decision anyway - Which I agree with.

Could Starling have done it better? Yes.

Are people going to pick holes in anything they do? Yes.

Has a decision been made for the good of the bank, and a clear policy moving forward that puts all customers on an even ground? Yes.

Aside from the theatrics of last night, I don’t see the problem.


I agree its a Starling decision , they took it , implemented it and then consulted upon it, giving the members on the community on Sunday night the final say - in that order :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yep - the only affect the community had, was to give them an excuse to stop it for everyone - Something I’m sure they were bloody delighted about on a Sunday evening!

It would have inevitably happened at some post in the near future (in my opinion).


all the new travel card users will have to set up standing orders for their extended travels :slight_smile: