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Those loan threads on Starling should be renamed the “the threads that never die” :joy::joy: The loan discussion has even been referred to as Scary Sunday.

Seems to me Starling could head this off by just answering the questions. It’s all well and good Kris interjecting every now and then but it’s clear it needs a full statement and response by senior management.


I liked the bit when he came on and basically said he didn’t have to reply on a Sunday as it was his day off lol


Yup. Never been a thread like that here … :apple: :moneybag:?

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I haven’t been here that long but it seems to me that people are more wiling to answer tough questions here.

Maybe. I’ve seen waffle answers from both CEOs in relation to tough questions then tumbleweed. Agree that a few more staff get involved and get in about the difficult issues

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Anne doesn’t provide waffle answers. She answers a question nobody asked with absolutely zero relation to the problem at hand. Not even an attempt to evade while looking on topic.

Report problems with loans and you get a response about safeguarding vulnerable people on the community. :man_shrugging:


Yup. Waffle


Any word from the man himself :eyes:

Don’t think this comes under Starling feedback any more. Feedback on Starling users and their comments isn’t a topic


True but we just solved a mystery!



Nope profile has changed to ‘Anon’

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Starling Vs Monzo = Apple Vs Android
All pretty irrelevant, just pick which you prefer. Not a lot of difference between the two.
Starling support not as open, but quite quick, but also not as blunt/rude as monzo
Feature wise, very similar (starling maybe just ahead with bigger features) monzo more of the smaller polishing features.

I have never ever known Monzo customer service to be blunt or rude.


This is worrying - do you have any examples that you’re comfortable sharing? (I think that @simonb or @HughWells would like to know, too, so any problems can be fixed).


I’m really sorry that that this has happened @anon51649695 :disappointed: I’d really like to look into this so I can pass back any feedback to the relevant people, or escalate it to a specialist if you’d like.

We never want to appear blunt or short with customers, and the Monzo tone of voice guide is something we try to follow to make sure all our conversations are clear, concise and delightful. It is so disappointing to hear we fell short in this case and as I say, I’d like to look into this to make sure it doesn’t happen again and so we can make it up to you.


Hey everyone! :wave:

Just reading through this thread, I’m concerned that it’s becoming a little too focussed on discussion of the Starling forum and how it’s moderated.

The purpose of this thread is to chat about Starling’s app and features. We want to avoid inter-forum drama where possible, so let’s keep it on-topic. From now on we’ll be removing posts that that don’t add to the conversation here.



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