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You’ve mentioned this a few times without sharing examples. Could you please show us what you’re referring to? There are of course disagreements between users in this community but I don’t recognise what you’re describing.


I can’t speak for @anon44204028, but I do agree that on both the Starling and Monzo forums, anything that is an outright criticism (rather than constructive criticism), is usually responded to in an aggressive manner from the supports of the bank.

This may be in response to the user more than simply “protecting the bank”, but the feeling is there none the less.

I can’t provide examples I’m afraid, and perhaps the tone of the responses doesn’t come across well via the written word - Either way, it’s not a slight on the company, more an observation of the forums.


Ok. It’s quite hard to judge whether that’s actually happening or not without seeing examples unfortunately. I certainly wouldn’t want it to.

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I have noticed that a small bit… I think it’s just the way someone reading a comment can be misinterpreted as aggressive even if it’s not meant that way… that’s why I always use emoji’s to make it sound less aggressive :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: because I don’t mean any of my posts aggressively :slight_smile:


There used to be a whole thread about this. Try searching “shouted down”…ah - I see you started it!


Yep. But it’s the same on here. Even with constructive feedback. Some contributors take any (constructive) criticism very personally indeed.

The fact remains, whilst interesting, there’s many areas in which neither is challenging the legacy banks.


Your last para is quite true.
But we are informed that things are being developed and will arrive soon :thinking:

Sure, but to be fair, legacy banks have bedded in conventional banking current accounts over many decades, This new wave has given instant notifications and savings features (of varying types) in a matter of months.

I’m tempted to want everything now, but I can wait. I’m just pleased to part of the journey. How many of us have ever influenced the direction their bank is developing?


My reference is to customer service, particularly. It needn’t take decades for a business to be good at customer service.

In terms of “wanting everything now”, it’s not unreasonable to expect the basics from so-called challenger banks. Basics such as being able to set up, amend and cancel regular payments. Something that both Monzo and Starling have struggled with whilst they chase dreams of expansion onto business / other territories before they’ve mastered the basics.


I think it might be harder to get the tone right but I would expect them to hammer down the method/ efficiency of it right from the start. Both have their flaws but Monzo wins out for me solely because I don’t have to stay on the same window and can come back at my own time about a query, since I often write a response, put down my phone, and come back to it later. If I had to stay on the chat window to get a response I might as well call or email.

My legacy bank has awful waiting times in the evening when I call, and if I email I have to do it via their platform email “for security”. Which has to be done on desktop :roll_eyes: I never go on my laptop for banking if I can help it. The staff are always lovely so I put up with it, albeit sometimes confused and give me differing responses.


Words are hard! And tone is easily lost in written replies, as part of a healthy discussion. I know our over use of emoji is a bone of contention, but in a personal context at least, I default to throwing one or two in if I feel my reply needs a more personable touch or a sentence comes across as a bit too abrupt.


Not all legacy banks are the same.

Wait ages for NatWest on the phone. Though their customer service seems pretty good in my experience.
Get through instantly with First Direct, any time, and their service is excellent. All the time.
Phone Clydesdale and you’ll get through quickly to excellent customer service, as good as First Direct, and they give you a freefone 0800 number.

Some legacy banks specialise in poor customer service, too.


I am lucky with Handelsbanken UK as I can send a secure message thru online banking or just email my account manager :slight_smile:

At RBS you can send insecure faxes but get a sheet of Signal Codes from your branch and apply one to each fax to give it the same status as an original letter :wink:

I was chatting to Handelsbanken manager a couple of years ago on the phone. Just need to pop in and see him to set up an account. Didn’t do that yet.

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I always loved going to Coutts in the City and they employed someone to open the door for you and greet you, dressed in a uniform, it looked like you had stepped back in time :slight_smile:

Yorkshire Bank/Clydesdale were/are very good. I’d have gone back to them without a doubt - but they don’t allow you to open an account online (apart from the B account, which I don’t want) and I don’t live in their area.

I thought the B account was visible through the YB/CB app, so you don’t have to put up with the ‘B experience’.

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It is - but I’m a bit weird and don’t like the mismatch.

If you’re keen to get back to yorkshire/clydesdale I believe they’ll also open an account for you over the phone.