Starling Discussion & Feedback

(Ashley) #1046

I can see what they are trying to do - they are trying to push the teal as a brand. However, as everything is teal it loses the impact…


Yeah, I hadn’t seen the card until you pointed it out.

(Splodf) #1048

I missed it too. I thought there was a ruffle in the banner cutting off the edge of the phone.


I wonder when Starling is going to publish their annual report this year? Their financial year ended in November, although last year it took them longer to publish than Monzo, whose year ends at the end of February

(James Prince) #1050

I have to admit, after checking out Starling’s Website, it does look a lot more advanced than Monzo’s.

Also I noticed that Starling have just released a new ad campaign around London, what’s Monzo’s plan for advertisement?

(Nick) #1051


(Michael) #1052

The website itself? In what way do you think it more advanced?

Not questioning your opinion, just interested

Personally I see the respective websites reflecting the styles of the business

Starling maybe does look a bit more “professional” and Monzo a bit more “cartoonish”, but I came to break outside my own mould by becoming more of a fan of the latter

(Michael) #1053

Actually taking a look right now at the Starling website for the first time in a while just now I would say they’ve moved it a lot towards Monzo rather than the other way around

Either way, interested in your reasons

(James Prince) #1054

I would much rather choose and use Monzo rather than Starling however, it is very clear to me that Starlings website is a lot better.

It’s professional, the way when you first click on it you have some sort of advertising media in the background and the multiple tabs compared to Monzo.

Overall it just looks a lot more appealing. I am explaining this as if I was a new customer I would be more attracted by the starling website when choosing which fin tech I would like to open an account with (if I didn’t know Monzo previously…)

(James Prince) #1055

Just to be clear - This is in relation to opening up starlings website on a laptop/pc/computer as oppose to on phone.

It is completely different and more professional looking…

(Michael) #1056

What I am seeing for the two under Chrome on Chrome OS:

(Michael) #1057

Does not seem radically different from those shots

In fact I would say, at this point, that the Monzo one looks better to me - shows the product and has quick links out to about page, blog and FAQ

All subjective though

(Nick) #1058

Just opened both sites to have a look, and putting my objective glasses on for a moment, I can see what you mean from the immediate landing page (not counting any scrolling as once you start scrolling they’re more or less the same, broadly speaking).

Took a few moments looking at the two and tried to figure out why the Starling landing page feels a bit better. I think it comes down to two main factors:

  1. Starling has ‘Statement - App Store links’, which is quicker to read at-a-glance than Monzo’s ‘Statement - paragraph - App Store links’

  2. Monzo only have ‘About’, ‘Blog’ ‘Community’ and ‘FAQ’ in the top navigation bar. None of these relate to banking or current accounts. Starling have ‘Current accounts’, ‘Business banking’ and ‘Money transfers’ prominent. That’s the difference, I think.

ETA: This is what I see on Starling’s site, which is slightly different from what has already been posted above:

(Michael) #1059

How curious

Maybe it is serving me different pages as it thinks I am on mobile when really I am not

(Nick) #1060

Even in your screenshots you can see what is to me a noticable difference between the two in that only your Starling screenshot has the app store links despite the Monzo screenshot being larger.

They’re not a million miles apart, at least. I’d suggest all Monzo have to do is:

  1. add at least one ‘bank-y’ tab to the top navigation bar.
  2. lose the dead space and move the text closer to the top of the page - clipping the phone picture wouldn’t be a problem, I’d say. You can still see enough of it.
  3. Make the text for ‘The bank of the future’ larger. Then drop the first or both of the following paragraphs so that the app store links are much more prominent.

Those three steps would give a cleaner look to the landing page, and the rest on scrolling would still be there.

(Michael) #1061

Different strokes for different folks to a certain extent

I would not say either is radically better than the other, but also I would have thought that the Monzo website will not be immune from the current tweaks to social media design

We shall see!


Both mobile only accounts, seems strange to judge them by their full size websites but okay :man_shrugging:

(Jack) #1063

I agree Monzo’s could do with a refresh. It’s a bit too dark when you first go to the site. Especially on the mobile browser. Would also be nice to have a drop down list at the top jumping to the different features or somthing.

(James Prince) #1064

Yes I totally agree with this idea !!

(Jemima) #1065

I prefer Monzo over Starling.
I like the app better, it’s easier to use & has better features.
I really like Monzo’s tone of voice, openness & transparency.
Monzo’s customer service is far better than Starling’s.
Plus Starling’s card doesn’t work in hardly any ATMs (& they don’t tell you this & there is no list of where they do/don’t work). The Starling card is supposed to work in Post Office ATMs but mine doesn’t!
I decided to go #fullmonzo because I prefer it, but this is my personal preference.
I’m looking forward to see what they both have planned for 2019!