Starling Accounts

I know there are many topics regarding Starling in here, so sorry for another one. Does anyone know how they are running their accounts? It has come up a few times lately about Monzo being in just one credit reference agency (which is fine by me, by the way) but if you have a Starling bank account, the Account Number has letters in it.

Usually, the last four digits of your actual account number are used. Anyone know why they are not doing it this way, and are there any benefits for doing so?


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A complete guess - if they’re ever in a position where they want/need to move accounts across sort codes (which might then necessitate a new account number for those accounts) it reduces admin overhead to actually have those accounts tied to a different starling-only unique ID. I know Starling have 04-00-40 so they might be planning a move.

And you could also potentially assign multiple sort codes/account numbers to a single account concurrently. This might help with things like taking direct debits etc out of goals in future.

No Starling actually have two sort codes now. I have the other one 60-83-71

Yeah me too, I don’t think they have issued anybody with 04-00-40 yet which is why I thought they might be planning an eventual mass move over to it from 60-83-71

Just speculation though

They’re most likely using a random alphanumeric ID as a reference for the credit report’s account - this means it is not tied to the BACS sort code/account number which may change in the future due to regulations, etc.

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Do they already do direct debits into/out of their goal pot thing? If not could you give the a pot one sort code and the main account the other to get round needing to set an account number for that pot?

If you are a Starling customer you could ask from them them directly… :confused:

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Currently no, Rat, but there’s a clamour for it.


I’m not a Starling customer. I was for a brief period, however they ‘closed’ my account (yet it still appeared on my credit file as an open account). A few months later I emailed them to enquire as to why it was still showing as open and they finally got it moved to closed.


Ah, I understand - You have a valid question though just checked my report on Clearscore and Noddle all accounts I have, end with actual last 4 digits known to me.

Maybe a current Starling customer could ask them. @anon44204028 @Demmedelusive

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Hope not - just about memorised that one :flushed:

I have to say, Ben, I’ve never seen any letters tacked onto the end of the 8 digits.

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It’s the only account I have (in both open and closed sections) that has it. I just wonder why it’s done that way.

I’ve never seen any letters tacked onto the end of the 8 digits. Very odd.

I have been informed that at the moment the plan is for Starling to use the new sort code exclusively for Starling for Business. Once a few other projects have gone live they will start issuing business accounts on it.

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Couldn’t find a Starling Competitor thread that hadn’t been closed, but I read recently that they were eyeing up a £100m grant from money set aside from the RBS Crash of 2008 - is Monzo also trying to win the grant, or other grants that may be available? @tom

Below is main thread I think it’s only ever been closed temporarily to keep things calm and on topic …