Account Switch from Starling

I’m hoping someone can help with a problem I’m currently facing.

At the moment I have a standard Starling current account and an ‘additional’ Starling account, for which I pay £2 per month. All of my household direct debits are set up on the ‘additional’ account.

I have attempted an account switch to Monzo using both of these accounts and both have been rejected. The first one (my primary account) was apparently rejected because I’m told I have to close my ‘additional’ account first. I can’t close this account because it has 10 direct debits set up against it.

Then I attempted an account switch from my additional account, but that was also rejected.

Does anyone have any ideas on if there are any other options? I don’t particularly want to have to ring 10 different companies to get my direct debit details changed when the account switching service was brought in specifically for this purpose.

Initially I had asked to transfer the direct debits from my additional account to my primary account (because there is a new feature where you can pay direct debits from ‘spaces’), however in true Starling fashion I was told “this can’t be done”.

Just whilst I’m explaining this, I will add that before all of this I wanted to set up a regular payment to my additional account from my primary account, but of course… this can’t be done either.

Hi. Welcome.

At a guess, this is because the sub-account is actually a real account with Starling with an account number/sort code, it’s just not visible to the customer.

Seems like you might be stuck unless you speak to the companies. How did you move them to the extra account in the first place?

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Sounds like a limitation with Starling and a major blunder in my opinion.

If they don’t give a warning when setting up the additional paid account regarding this, they’re doing their customers a disservice.

I’d have asked Starling whether they can move them like you already have - after that I’m not sure what else you could do. If they won’t manually move them over, and the account doesn’t support CASS, you may have to manually change each one.


Half right! It does indeed have an account number and sort code, but it is visible to the customer - I have transferred money directly into mine using the a/c number and sort code.

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Yes that’s right, it does have a completely separate account number. That’s why I was expecting to be able to use the accounting switching service.

Hi Revels. I didn’t move them, I opened the additional account specifically for the household direct debits so they have always been on that account.

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Submit CASS from additional starling to main starling?! See what they will do :grinning:


I tried that as well :unamused: that didn’t even get through the first step… I can’t remember what the actual message was now. All I’ve had is problems since switching to Starling. Now it’s even complicated to leave.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to do them online yourself. Obviously it’s more of a hassle and will take some time, but you could do one a day or something to work through them and just make sure there’s enough in each account?


Took me no more than an hour in totally to manually alter my DD bank account details for approx 20 of them. I changed the details the day after a payment for that particular mandate went out. Made sure they’d all be moved to the new account, with plenty of processing time for the update to happen before the next payment was due.