Star Trek: Picard

Very excited for this:

Anyone else?


Just wish they didn’t make him an admiral…

Why?! I was hoping he wouldn’t top out as Captain…


Makes him too much like every other captain rather than keeping him where he prefers to be. Theres countless instances where he makes it clear its not the route he wants to take.

I think this is going to be really exciting - and seems to be following loosely the thread of the episode where Picard saw himself in the future on the vineyard as a retired admiral so will be interesting to see where they take this and where the rest of the crew have gone off to across the federation (and if they will pull any of them back into the story…)


I dunno, every captain obviously loves having their own ship. They can’t just all stay as captains forever, it doesnt make sense (like having Riker as a first officer for a decade because he was so comfortable in the role).

I’m really, really looking forward to this. I was a teenager when All Good Things was broadcast, I remember spending my birthday money buying that the Voyager pilot on VHS for a small fortune, before both were broadcast, such a perfect final episode. Michael Chambon is an incredible writer and true Trek fan so I’m excited to see what he does.


Ooooh now it’s starting to feel like an actual thing!

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Hope i get into it more than Star Trek: Discovery I haven’t watched the second season yet, just couldn’t get on with it. I preferred The Orville instead!