Standing Orders to come out when you've been paid

(Anna McSweeney) #1

Hi, is it possible for standing orders to come out automatically when you’ve been paid?

(Danny) #2

Yes, when you create you can do this

(Benjamin Doherty) #3

Perhaps the OP meant the date she gets paid sometimes changes therefore it would be cool to have standing orders change depending on the date she gets paid?

(Anna McSweeney) #4

Hey, wow Monzo community is awesome - so quick at replying!

Yes that’s right. I normally get paid on the first, but can change by a couple of days and not sure what time during the day.

Would be cool if standing orders just came out when the largest amount of money comes into my account!


(Danny) #5

Wouldn’t it just be easier to set the date for the 4th then?


Hey there I’ve just set everything to come put on payday standing orders it’s so simple.