Are standing orders taken out a day before it's due?


Are standing orders taken out of an account a day prior before reaching another account on the scheduled day? I pay a monthly allowance to live on my family roof, worth £100 as I’m on the highest rate of PIP.

So if the payment is scheduled for Tuesday, is it taken out of my account a couple hours before that day on a Monday?

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Standing orders are taken on the day they’re scheduled, even if it’s a non-working day.

Other banks tend not to process standing orders until the closest working day after they’re due (if they fall on a weekend). But Monzo always process them on the day they’re due

You should also get a reminder the day before, I believe.


Thank you.

Since currently there’s no money in my current account balance and the bill due is £100 monthly.

This means the transaction won’t decline? I use the Get Paid early feature on Monzo, I know its for my convenience and I won’t rely on it if its no longer available as I can live a day extra without payment.

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When are you taking your pay early? Monday? Otherwise it will decline

Yes Monday

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