Standing Orders Payment/Expiry


I have set up a standing order to end on the last date payment needs to be sent. Will payment still be sent to the person I have requested on the same day I have told the SO to end?

My standing order is set to pay every 4 weeks and the final payment is set to go out the same day I have set the payment to end so want to ensure the payment will process and then the SO stopped completely or do I need to set the SO to expire a day after the payment is sent to ensure payment is sent?

Many thanks.

I’ve wondered this with every bank I’ve ever had an account with.

I’ve never tried it so I’ve always set the last date later than needed. I’d be interested in knowing what the effect is too.

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it will send on the last day it’s meant to end as well, i’ve done this a few times and it worked fine


Yes, it will send on the last day.

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Thank you. That’s good to hear. I’ll keep an eye on it.

I’m the same, never been brave enough to test it out!

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