Standing order management

[Feedback / Feature request]

The process to add standing orders is very straight forward, once I found it. I spent too long looking for a menu item “Standing order” / “create payment” / or similar; for me “Bank transfer” implies a singular transaction which made me overlook it at first.

It would be also useful for created standing orders to have an edit function, rather than only being able to cancel it.


I agree with this. I spent ages looking for standing order and the only reason I found it was because of your topic! Not a bug per say but not very user friendly


I’m behind this one as well it took me some searching and realising you can schedule a payment with a recurrence could do with being “highlighted”

for someone with a lot of bills, this feature a requirement <3

+1 for the suggested improvement to the wording / location of standing orders in the app.
Another couple of points too:

  • When setting up a recurring payment frequency, the ‘EVERY MONTH’ option has the help text ‘In months with less than 31 days, this payment will go out on the final day of the month’. This is all well and good, but my payment was scheduled for 23rd of the month and so the message is both completely irrelevant and wrong.

  • When I finished setting things up, it said ‘£400 sent to Fred Bloggs’, but actually, nothing was sent, because I scheduled it for 23rd of the month.


+1 to this because I just found this thread after having a scary feeling that standing orders weren’t supported (after transferring most of my DDs already… that would have been… messy…)

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Yeah agreed and thanks for this info. I wouldn’t have started to enter details without knowing this.

I have now set up my first recurring “bank transfer”.
Scheduled for 29/09 on a weekly basis; the app said “amount sent to suchandsuch”

Now that I’ve (hopefully) entered all the numbers correctly I will be excited to see the payments start leaving. I can’t find a way to check this to appease my mild ocd.

I went with rent for this trial standing order as the nickname suggests…

Many many thanks for this feedback, we’ll improve it :soon: :slight_smile:


How about an omisearch thingie in the app? I type “direct debit” and I get the future payments page, or I type “Water” and I get the specific DD in question. Actually some controllable iOS spotlight integration might be handy.

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I’m not sure that I want OS level access to my financial transactions!

It would have to be a preference with some granularity, clearly.

Standing orders need an edit function and on the standing order screen it needs to show the reference info you’ve used not just the name and amount.


Edit function definitely required please. I currently have standing orders set up that I know in 6 months I need to amend. Editing would be much easier than going in to cancel it and create again.

Thank you,


Just a +1 for editing standing orders!

Since Direct Debits are already beautified, I’m just wondering if it’s possible to beautify Standing Orders too? Example - ability to edit/add photo of recipients (Rather than boring initials)! :roll_eyes:b


So I got paid today, so I thought it’s a good day to set up a standing order I was waiting for pay day for. Unfortunately, selecting monthly makes it monthly on 25th, when my pay day is 26th or nearest weekday before it, so I’ll have to cancel it and wait for tomorrow to make sure it goes out after I’ve been paid each month…

Any update on when standing orders will be editable? I have two a month that are variable amounts.

Can standing orders be editable from reference to name and amount and date and frequency so that a lot of changes can be made without cancelling it and setting up a new one as this is more hassle than its worth

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This has still not been addressed, all other major banks allow this feature. Not allowing us to edit an existing standing order is very frustrating! Having to cancel a standing order and setup a new one for the same thing is silly and time consuming.

Come on Monzo sort it out!

This is on their “Big List” of tasks to fix and should be out in the next month or two according to that list