Standing Orders not exhibiting start dates

After I save a standing order, its Start Date is not revealed any more when I revisit it. The system will not show it.

Maybe as you developed the Standing Orders feature you were playing mostly with contemporaneous standing orders, not mostly future orders, so you didn’t notice the issue. Everyone would run “from today” (or this week, or month). And yet when they’re all future orders, the start date becomes very relevant to identify them.

Just go ahead and create a weekly standing order starting on the 1/June, and another starting 1/Sep, and another starting 1/Dec, each running for a month. Once you’re done and you look back at the list, they’re indistinguishable. The system shows the frequency, but not the start date (and you can’t edit that either), so it’s really hard to tell which is which.

I think the system should reveal the SO Start Date as they’re listed and edited, and not doing so is a bug.


What phone do you have?

I have the same problem. I’m on Android.

I know it’s screaming into the wind at this point, but the Payments tab really needs a lot of love.

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My phone is called XGODY XGT_EEA, maker Incar, Android version 8.1.0; kernel 4.4.103 compiled with gcc 4.9; Monzo app v. 4.18.0.

The scheduled payments I described are all to the same payee. The payment list shows the payee name, frequency, and amount. The payment detail shows in addition the bank details, reference, and end date (and some stats at the bottom). If I click Edit Payment a payment date is shown, but it requires me to enter and edit several scheduled payments (and for everyone that isn’t what I’m looking for cancel edit), until I find the one I want.

For the standing orders I switched in from my other bank, I can’t even reach that level, because when I click Edit Payment a message comes up, saying “Editing not supported. Can’t edit a payment with this schedule… etc” even when they’re regular weekly or 4-weekly standing orders. So it only gives me the option to cancel the SO and recreate it, but I can’t copy the details out to delete & recreate it unless I can first see the Edit screen - but it won’t show me that, so it looks as if I delete it I won’t know what to put in its place.

The switch shouldn’t have resulted in read-only payments in the way described. Before switching I specifically went to my old bank payment list and deleted the standing orders which had periodicities that Monzo wouldn’t support. All the ones I left behind should have been supported, but Monzo still made them read-only.

And another (unrelated) minor fault I’ve found is if I edit an standing order I created in Monzo, if I enter Edit payment screen and click Save changes at the bottom of the screen that still won’t save, because to save it requires me to press Schedule payment after that (even though the payment I’m editing was already scheduled, just not in the same way). So the “Save changes” button is a ‘promise’ to save which might not save; e.g., if thinking it’s all saved and done because I’ve pressed Save I press the back arrow icon instead or close the app… that will not result in a save. With the consequence that either the payment won’t behave as expected (if I don’t look at it again and just move on to doing something else), or it will, but only after trying to save several times and eventually ‘learning’ how to do it properly. But that even though it’d be effective, could be a little frustrating.

Good points.

Also the device details will help the developers reproduce the issue.


The details of a standing order should include start date