No start date on Recurring Scheduled Payment detail

I am trying to setup a standing order. Nearly every other bank has different amount first and last payment. Monzo does not. So I setup to start from 19 May (I think) on going planning to do a oneoff scheduled 19 April.

After I have set it up I go in to check it and it just says on the 19th monthly - no other info - so no confidence I have set it up right.

How do I check the standing order properly?

You can’t choose to set how many payments you want it to run for, only ever seen rbs have that option I think.

Just set up two scheduled payments.

After I have set it up I go in to check it and it just says on the 19th monthly - no other info - so no confidence I have set it up from the right date.

How do I check the scheduled payment / standing order properly?

Also when setting it up there is a radio slider marked schedule payment. So yes/no. And underneath it says “or create a standing order” - is that offering an alternative - how? where?

Scheduled payment needs to be yes.

Choose date.

Set repeating as never.

If done correctly it’ll be fine.

Though yours sounds different to mine?

They just shows this in scheduled payments.

HSBC and Starling let you set a number of payments, for a couple…

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why would I set repeat never for a repeating payment.

I don’t think you are following what I am saying.

I am saying after I create a repeating payment to start 19 May then afterwards pull it up to check it , it does not give a start date, it just says monthly on the 19th. I don’t see why the after creating it, the detail view would not show the start date, it’s fundamental and critical to checking your records and managing things!

I’m not sure how but I read your comment as it was only two payments you were trying to make.

April and May. My apologies.

What is it you’d need to check other than the standing order is active and showing in your scheduled payments?

The fundamental part is knowing it’s set up, surely?

And obviously making sure it’s set to go from the right date in the first instance.

You can easily just cancel it and set it up again if you’re unsure.

I do agree it could be clear what the future payments look like IF an end date is entered, but if continuous then monthly is accurate.

Fairs, I’ve never really used standing orders until recently, so may have never noticed with other banks.

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It should show the start date in the detail view after created and it does not. That is an oversight.

I cannot see it any other way tbh.

I don’t see you should rely on what you THINK you put in to be able to see what data they hold.

Start date being shown to be right is absolurtely critical

Click ‘edit payment’. You’ll see the date.

Thread closed.

Maybe speak to monzo vulnerable team if you’re not sure what you’re doing in the app to set up a payment :melting_face: