Standing orders need clarity

(Stiven Skyrah) #1


Standing orders need an option to edit them (including amount, date, recipient name, account details, reference)

For a SO that’s already been set up we need more info than just a name, it should at least show the reference info being used.

(Justin Campbell) #2

I agree, If I want to change a SO I should be able to with out entering all the information again

(Anthony) #3

Hi both :slight_smile:
This is coming soon; standing orders are being refreshed and will hopefully have much better functionality. Have a look in the blog post pinned at the top of the Monzo website for ‘upcoming in 2018’

(Stiven Skyrah) #4

Let’s hope the functionality matches banks at the minimum but takes them next level and gives us a monzo experience :wink:

(system) #5

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