Monzo to Monzo 'Standing Order'

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Here’s a thought… With Standing Orders being faster payments underneath, that costs Monzo money (even if only a little bit :money_with_wings:) what difference would it make if Monzo to Monzo payments were substituted? Assuming the person you want to send an SO to was on Monzo :wink:

Thinking it would make the feed tidier, there would be a real name and profile photo, etc. :sunglasses:

Not sure how the underlying tech of a Monzo to Monzo payment works but just thought this might be nice in future revisions of the app / experience :grinning:


I can’t say for sure, but they probably handle this already internally, skipping FPS when the recipient’s sort code matches, at least that would make sense. They will likely still have to add functionality for showing the receiver’s (or sender’s) real name and profile picture.


They don’t as before Contact’s was introduced I had my other half’s account details and it still setup for a monthly amount and looks truly ugly

Plus 1 for this. I have regular payments to my better half and she is on Monzo. At the moment I just send it manually every month. But setting up a M2MSO would be really handy.


We should be able to setup standing orders to a Monzo contact without having to type in their bank details.


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Currently, its the same effort to set up a SO for a Monzo customer as a non-Monzo customer. Paying a one off payment to another Monzo customer is simpler, but to set up a standing order, I had to ask the recipient for their account number. It would be useful to be able to do this just by clicking on their name.


Currently trying to do this and annoyingly going to have to ask for bank account details when it really shouldn’t be necessary!

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