Squished logo

(Tom ) #1

Extremely minor bug report alert.

On occasion, I put my phone on loudspeaker whilst talking to a vendor to set up a Direct Debit or similar. Whilst on a phone call and jumping into the Monzo app, the logo gets squished. iPhone 6S.

And that’s that.

(Nick) #2

I see the same when my phone (iOS) is being used as a hotspot and has the blue banner along the top.


Also happens when I have Sleep Cycle running :+1:

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(James Amey) #4

As you may imagine, this isn’t supposed to happen.

Could I ask whether you’re running the pre-paid or upgraded account?

(Tom ) #5

I’m on the full CA, as are Nick and Ben

(Simon) #6

Mine has always done this. On current account with iPhone 7. The banner at the top squishes the Monzo logo on start up. I notice it when I’ve just used Waze and it’s still using location data. I thought it’s just the way the screen deals with less space. Have seen it from other apps too

(Kevyn) #7

On the iPhone X I have encountered the bottom menu bar in app becoming squashed or cut off in recent days. Not sure how to replicate so I’ll take a screenshot next time it happens.

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(Rika Raybould) #8

This particular iPhone X one is a known bug in iOS. I’ve personally seen it in the Music app and a couple of other system apps that use the tab bar.

The next Monzo app update should make it significantly less likely to occur though (along with a few other layout fixes across all devices)! :+1:

Layout bug after sending someone money (bottom nav)
Bug: Navbar keeps bugging out

Have also had this on my iPhone 6s plus

(Adam) #11

I’m also having this issue! I was trying to replicate it earlier to take a screenshot but I don’t remember how I made it happen.

I have to force close the app and reopen it to make it right again. I vaguely remember it happened on my 7 Plus too before moving over to an X.