Show us your Sleep Cycle stats

(Tom ) #1

Ben’s post made me think…

Show us your all-time stats!

Average quality 80%
Average time to bed 00:19
Average time in bed 8:38 (:man_facepalming:t3:)
Average woke up 8:58 (:man_facepalming:t3:)


Average quality - 84%
Went to bed - 22:40
Time in bed - 7:29
Woke up - 7:24

Been using Sleep Cycle since Oct 2014, so should be fairly accurate. Currently testing it on the Apple Watch too.

(Eve) #3

Average quality: 59%
Went to bed: 5.34am
Time in bed: 5:48
Woke up: 11.28am

I’ve been using it since 2016. My stats are absolutely horrible, on deadline weeks I sleep at 10am and wake up at 4pm and it messes up my averages a lot. I’ve given up on it but I still enjoy looking at the trends.


I don’t have sleep cycle. I have a withings steel HR, though. And Nokia butchered the app. I can only get weekly, not all time stats.

(Tony Hoyle) #5

So how do these things work? My phone and watch are on charge overnight so they can’t tell based on movement (if that’s even possible) and having to manually push a button doesn’t really seem liike it would work because ‘time decided to go to sleep’ isn’t the same as ‘time went to sleep’ - sometimes by hours.

(Calum James) #6

You turn on Sleep Cycle when you go to bed and it “knows” when you’ve gone to sleep using the microphone to listen out for movement, breathing etc. It seems to work very well.

It does advise you to keep your phone on charge overnight while it’s tracking your sleep.

I’ve only been using it recently on and off, so I’ll post my stats when I’ve been using it consistently for a while and I have some trends :stuck_out_tongue: My sleeping times, patterns, and quality have tended to be all over the place, so I’m aiming to get 8 hours’ sleep every night now.

(Calum James) #7

How’s their Apple Watch app coming along?

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #8

If I had this app on my phone I’d be waking up every couple of hours to check how well I was sleeping​:eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:

(Leonard) #9

I love the Sleep Cycle app! Currently been using it for 1700 nights :sweat_smile:

Average Quality: 72%
Went to Bed: 00:49
Time in Bed: 7:18
Woke Up: 08:08

(Tony Hoyle) #10

Tried Sleep Cycle last night… it decided I went to sleep just after I started it and woke up just after the alarm went off. Both incorrect. No microphone support that I can see… you have to balance the phone on the bed and hope it doesn’t fall off and break overnight… Bit pants really.

I’ll try Sleep As Android tonight to see if it’s any better.

(Eve) #11

Mine has microphone support instead of just detecting motion? It works pretty well for me, sometimes I forget to turn it off after I wake up and it logs the time I’m using my phone in bed as being awake

(Brandon Billingham) #12

Is the AW support in beta? It’s the reason I stopped using it


It’s okay, it seems a lot more acurate, bit drains the battery which is fine if you have time to charge it in the morning. Not sure how older watches would manage as my original AW was struggling through a 16 hour day. My Series 3 went from 70% to 20% through an 8 hour sleep cycle.

Yeah, testing through TestFlight currently. Not sure on a public release as yet.

(Stevie Cowan) #14

Average Quality : 53%
Went to bed : 22.34
Time in bed : 4.52
Woke up: 3.27am

I’m a baker so all early mornings but I’m a gamer too so plenty of late night sessions. Never properly looked at these stats before and this can’t be healthy!

(Tony Hoyle) #15

Replying to myself… tried sleep as android and it said I’d been asleep for 11 minutes, which is even more useless - at least sleep cycle recorded the start/end of the session manually even if the detection didn’t work.

Doesn’t work for me… I guess it can’t without some kind of EEG adapter and wires on your head, it was always going to be a bit of a guess but it’s so far out it might as well be random.

(Frank) #16

How did you get on the AW version? Would like to use tracking but not a fan of using the speaker overnight.


I have been using their TestFlight builds for months and they emailed about an AppleWatch addition and emailed if anyone you be interested in testing it.

(Frank) #18

So I just downloaded sleep cycle again and all my data has gone. Used it for about 18 months over about 3 years but stopped a year or so ago.

Looks like now they have a premium tier for data storage rather than just reading and storing to Apple health :man_shrugging:t2:


They do, and at £1.49 a year it’s a steal!

(Frank) #20

So in premium it states I have access to everything (previously purched the app) except data storage. But why not just use icloud :man_shrugging:t2:

Cost wise it’s saying £24.99 per year!