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So I have noticed a handful of merchant info is getting a bit “sloppy” or “less neat than I would like” recently, with logos which are not square being left cropped with half of the logo hidden.

image image image

I know people like Tesco appear ok as they are from the official twitter which was sized to fit; but I think the app should add a border to make the aspect ratio fit the logo box without losing half of the logo when this has not been done.

So for example if the logo was 100px tall and 400px wise it would add a 150x400px border top and bottom so the full logo is shown and crntered

anyone else noticed stuff like this?


The easiest solution would be to scroll to the bottom and suggest a new logo with the link.

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…I don’t remember running a bike store…
(…Sorry. Couldn’t resist. XD)


Unfortunately these are ones i have submitted as there are none in the correct aspect ratio available online. I tried editing a version, uploading to a sharing site and suggesting that but it was never changed… probably don’t like images from sharing sites.


Thought Northridge sounded familiar, but the DD is with my legacy bank which provides a joint account overdraft - just in case. If Monzo start doing j/a overdrafts I can ose that off…

But yes it looks untidy. I guess merchants are still getting used to the brave new world of more informative banking services.

It’s a natural part of the aging process. Probably nothing to worry about. :joy:


This is starting to really hack me off now - I have reported logo issues in Chat Support, on Twitter, via the “Suggest an Improvement” In-App an on here and yet there are still a whole raft of logos where the logo is cropped. If you cant get it to display correctly then you need to be editing the code to handle “non-perfect” aspect logos - eg some code to add whitespace top and bottom of a “widescreen”/landscape logo.

It is quite poor that it is becoming increasingly common, and yet every time i engage Monzo I am fobbed off.

Edit: The behaviour per app is different per platform.On my iOS Phone the logos are cropped everywhere. On my Android Phone it appears ok everywhere other than the Scheduled Payments list.


First world problems…


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