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I’m really sorry to hear about this :disappointed:

So I can get this ticketed with the iOS team, could you confirm the device, iOS version and app version for me please? :raised_hands:

Hi Hugh,

Thanks for your reply.

iPhone X, iOS 11.3.1, Monzo 1.9.33.

Steps to recreate: Send anyone money via the Monzo app to another Monzo user, after payment it redirects you back to the homepage with the nav bug.

That’s really helpful, thanks! :raised_hands:

This has been reported many times. I think I did back in January. Apparently we were told it is an iOS bug.

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I’ve reported it a number of times over the last few months too, it’s just never been fixed :frowning:


I’m not sure that’s the same thing as what OP is reporting. I also reported the squished logo but have seen it happen in plenty of other apps too.

Where do I say squished logo? I talk about the bottom menu bar as the OP has posted a picture of.

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You don’t. :sweat_smile: But you posted a different unrelated bug in the “squished logo” thread.


Hi Simon,

I just wanted to say this bug is still present. It occurs both after the account switch flow and after making a payment when the home screen re-loads.

This has happened on and off for the last month or so and is resolved by force-quitting the application.

This is on iOS 11.3.1, with an iPhone X.



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I’ve pulled three threads together here as they were reporting the same bug :bug:

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Always happens after I made a payment.
The nav bar will stay in this broken state until the app is force closed.


I’ve had this problem for a while now, and reported it a few times. Nothing seems to have been done, so I’m unsure whether it’s a bigger problem than it seems.

+1 to getting this issue sometimes. Force close and reopen fixes it for me too. I’ve also had Face ID not show up when opening the app (or showing up after the app is open and showing stuff which is weird)

God, this happens to me quite a lot. Are we going to get a permanent fix for it soon?

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Have been meaning to report this for months. Happens 90% of the time after making a payment. Force close and re-opening fixes it.

Weird that it’s been there for so long. Bloody iPhone X ‘safe area’

Me waiting for Monzo to at least acknowledge this embarrassing bug.

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Hey :wave:

I have acknowledged this above :slight_smile:

I have spoken with the iOS team and this is a known issue in an Apple library for vector scaling (if I remember correctly).

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Sorry! Must have missed it.

Is it something that can be fixed soon, or fixed in iOS 12?

Who knows! Hopefully in iOS 12 :see_no_evil:

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