Coin jar clogging up the feed and font size different?

Hi everyone new to Monzo, been using it for a few weeks (same with Starling) to see which I prefer. The idea of coin jar is great, been with Lloyd’s for years so I’ve been doing the same with their save the change.

To be honest though the “coin jar” on the feed clogging it up quite a bit (obviously I can only see half of the transactions if I use coin jar) one more thing is that the amount spent in a transaction - the font size. The font for pounds is bigger than pence. These 2 things together are kinda bugging me, in my opinion it just doesn’t look very tidy…

Attached pics, obviously starling doesn’t have this feature so it wouldn’t be there anyway but say if Monzo added the “coin jar” payments somewhere else or even had them in the same line and had the same size font it would look neater like starlings feed?

Does anyone else feel the same? Or is it just me haha… imageimage

Apart from this I’m loving Monzo :+1:t3:


You’ll be glad to know Monzo are working to fix coin jar feed.

Someone said this is in-app sneak peeks;



Big news for Coin Jar fans!

Now any pot can be a Coin Jar with round-ups. And we’ve tidied up how it looks in your feed.


And the switch appeared just like that :smiley:

Thank you!

Wooop my feed is looking tidier already :wink: great work.

So much better like the pig next to the icon showing its been used.

Does this still only work for card purchases and not direct debits?

At the moment yes

This news deserves its own thread. Bravo :clap:

Edit: just seen it does :joy:

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It does! :smiley:


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