Spot the difference πŸ‘€


They say it will only take 60 minutes, but have allocated 1 minute each month for the development


:fuelpump:️, :currency_exchange:, :moneybag:, :red_car:, :coffee:️, :dollar:, :credit_card:, :honey_pot:

these are my emoji choices for pots, they were important ones

(Emma (still not the app)) #24

Popcorn? I have a cinema pot

Are these available for mere mortals yet or just testing?


You should be able to add an emoji to coin jar and it works, I posted this screenshot the other day and no one noticed :see_no_evil:

(Emma (still not the app)) #26

Just done it. I used :game_die: for coin jar :sunglasses:


Out of sight, out of mind. My overall balance is much healthier!

(Eve) #28

I didn’t spot the difference, but my first thought upon seeing the screenshot was how old it looks(?) Is that how the Android app is? The font and numbers look less clean than the iPhone app


That’s a chosen font :see_no_evil:

(Eve) #30


I was super bored one day and the stock font is boring. Do you suggest a particular font? :thinking:

(Eve) #32

I’m not an expert haha- I remember having Rosemary for a bit before I got tired of it and changed back to the default font. Use whatever you like if it works for you- as long as it’s not wingdings!

I was just taken aback at how the date was presented and the weird search button at the side (the hamburger?) and how it looks generally pre-revamp Instagram with everything clustered together. But I guess I’m being an annoying iOS user rn!



There’s no hamburger menu though? That search is the transaction search for Monzo.

What about comic sans LOL


Wow, Monzo in Wingdings…must give that a go!


I just viewed the store and remembered why I picked it. It is free.

You will probably not like what I just did :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(James Murray-Ferris) #36

The bigger question why is there not a piggy bank emoji I’ve had to go with :pig: :moneybag:

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