Split the 'Exclude from Summary' option.

Amongst my group of friends I’m regularly the organiser. As a result, when we book tickets to events/socials I typically pay for it all then get reimbursed by the other attendees.

For example:
I buy tickets for four people for total price of £120. My remaining budgeted spend in Monzo then decreases by £120. I have then have two options:

Option 1: ‘Exclude from Summary’ to avoid this fully affecting my remaining budgeted spend
Option 2: Ignore any built in features and mentally add back £90 when looking at my remaining budgeted spend.

In my opinion, neither of these options are great. My ideal solution would be that alongside or within the ‘Exclude from Summary’ option, I could split how much of the spend I would like to come off my remaining budgeted spend i.e. £30 in the above example and exclude the other £90.

I like to try and use Monzo to full effect by making use of the budget features. However, I find this a big barrier to adoption as it makes me doubt the accuracy the spend vs budget metrics.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi. Welcome.

This has been mentioned a few times

Considering the age/votes/frequency this is asked for, I wouldn’t get your hopes up!

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