Split a transaction between a category and excluding payments

often when I buy things from the store I’ll pick something up for the house and my mum will pay me back in cash.
So it would be a good feature for me to be able to split part of my payments into excluding payments.

Yeah this would be brilliant.

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Sorry to be the one to point this out to you but ive seen 3 comments from you today and all mention emma.

That sounds biased to me no matter how much you protest innocence :joy:

Emma could well be great but if its all you want to discuss then that makes your opinions less credible to me personally if that makes sense?

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Thats cool, welcome to the forum. Was just a heads up that if you want your opinion to be valued more maybe dont only post here pointing others to other products :man_shrugging:

No im not defensive at all of monzo and if you read a few of the other threads on here id say i actually fall in to the more critical group of people on here these days.

I am a investor but monzo has changed alot since i became one, unfortunately id have to say for the worse but lets just hope that changes soon.

Appreciated but flagging my previous comment seems to be a little OTT, I’ve been nothing but open and transparent have I not ?

Agreed, i didnt see a problem with your post and didnt flag it. Unfortunately we cant see who flag posts either.

Thankfully Id expect a reviewer will review your post and remove the flag at some point soon as its not really a valid reason for flagging.

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Thank you appreciated, I appreciate your honesty, to be honest I’m just a passionate fin tech fan who believes in values, if I offend anyone personally that’s not the intention it’s just the perspective from the consumer.

Unfortunately, you will find that some on this forum flag posts for merely disagreeing with their own opinion or view :man_shrugging:

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This is exactly what I want! At the moment my only solution is to create a category and just take that of my total which isn’t ideal.