Partial-exclusions / expanding bill splitting to non-monzo to monzo

So this idea has been in my head for a short while and with the current exclusion system in place would seem relatively simple to implement. It’s probably been suggested before and if it has I apologise for duplication.

Reason for the idea: more accurate budgeting and ability to keep track of day to day debts owing.
Idea: implement ability to partially exclude payments from the overall budget + remind user they have outstanding IOUs.

Bill splitting is great but only works with monzo-monzo and quite a few situations are outside of its gamut.

Eg, I and a friend grab some pub grub for £20.24 - I pay and the friend pays me a tenner back in cash. I can enter an amount of rebate which is then deducted from my budget, and the fact I received the cash gets logged in the transaction notes - only £10.24 goes from ‘eating out’ budget.

Or a few friends and I jump in an uber intending to split it four ways. I pay. One friend gives me roughly a quarter in cash toward it and I get a Faster Payment from the second’s bank. The third says he’ll owe it me back later.

With this implemented I could then go to transaction & enter the no. of people contributing to the bill. It would then generate within the transaction a list of each extra person, A, B, C (able to rename/link to Contacts) with an equal proportion of the amount owing displayed. Each amount could be tweaked manually, eg if one person is paying less or more, and to round down/up when paid back approximately. When paid back, I could then mark off each person listed as contributors of the transaction with their amount then excluded from my budgets.

If a person is left unticked the app would after a few days (customisable) send me a recurring reminder until the debt is settled. Of course I could simply forgive the debt, but could mark it as ‘written off’ etc. and then be able to keep tabs on who isn’t pulling their weight over a period of time. evil grin

When paid back by Faster Payments etc. this could ideally be integrated with the current bill splitting feature instead of the above, or made so that it can be ‘linked’ with the initial transaction, thereby preventing accidentally excluding too much from the budget out twice. (£X deducted from budget by exclusion, and the payment of +£X to you adding £X+X to your budget)

Who knows! Any thoughts?