Split payments with monzo.me

So I’ve had monzo a good month now, and it’s excellent. I’m particularly partial to splitting payment with Monzo.me. The problem I’m having however is everytime I split a payment it will come up as 2 separate transactions making it difficult to read. So it shows one transaction for the full amount, then a second transaction for the payment from the friend.

It would be amazing if both of those were shown in the same place. Maybe pressing on the transaction would show that a friend had actually paid half for example?

Hopefully this hasn’t been mentioned before and fingers crossed I’ve explained this OK.

Otherwise. Loving it.

Think there were others. Not exactly the same but does show this needs a bit of tinkering

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Ah, perfect! Apologies, I’m still getting used to navigating this site.



No problem. Most things have been asked somewhere, search frying pan is at the top of the page.

No problem, and welcome to the community :wave:

Spending is getting a remake later this year.