A Reverse Split Bill

At the moment, going through the covid situation ive had a few things ive had to cancel. Most of these have been things ive booked and paid for on behalf of a group of friends (flights and car rental for instance).

Having received a refund from the car rental i was expecting to be able to quickly pay the refund amount back equally amongst the friends who sent me money for it.

I couldn’t see any stand alone option in the transaction nor, perhaps more intuitively in the “split this bill” category. If we have the ability to split a charge it’d be pretty handy to be able to split refunds similarly, perhaps clicking on “split” selecting multiple from a list of accounts/contact’s (including me) that have sent you money, selecting the split percentages , seeing a confirmation of amounts per contact and finally confirming the action.

I had to go back through my accounts because they hadn’t all put the same reference when paying me then confirming that the payments were for the car and sending them back the amount one at a time.

As ive typed that out it might even be a (more complex to grasp) idea to be able to assign received funds from personal accounts to a recent charge. Group them all together around that charge and possibly be able to match any received funds from that charging company to the same little bubble of payments.

Last bit might be ott but doable, the first part of my suggestion would definitely have helped me out. Aslong as you can “split the refund” to these contacts who dont have monzo.

Cheers, Martyn