Retrospective Split Payments

Say you pay a bill of 75. Split 3 ways it’s 25quid each. Your two mates transfer your 25pounds back to your monzo account for their shares.

It would be really good then to go back to the original 75quid payment and link the two 25quid payments back to the overall transaction which would then actually only be reflected as a 25 quid debit from your account (for your share). At the moment I’m having to wholly exclude big payments like this so it doesn’t cock up my budgeting.

It looks like with big payments you can request shares of payments via the “split payment” dialogue with the but you cant associate incoming payments back to a transaction in reverse (for example if they pay via bank transfer from another bank or via a link that you didn’t generate from within the orginal payment.

I also note that the “split payment” option doesn’t seem to be offered for smaller transactions. I was wondering what the threshold was?



The threshold is £1.
That is, the transaction amount needs to be such that every person paying you back pays at least £1.

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It’s on our radar :wink:


Good to hear, this feature is going to be great! My girlfriend and I now split grocery payments and such, making it appear that we spend 1.5x more than we actually do.

Yes I agree. I brought group tickets to a show and then have to exclude the payment from my budget so it doesn’t show otherwise my budget is outta whack. They have paid me back but be good to show it /link there payments to that transaction so I can see if they paid me back etc…
Ps the spilt payment for dinner update would be good on android too… Not everyone is a apple fan.

Big <3 for this one! The same applies to the shared tab

I can’t use shared tabs because we pay each other back in bits and bobs rather than all at once at the end. I need to be able to add incoming payments to the tab too (including from non-Monzo laggards).

@kieranmch any update on this please?

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