Improved cost splitting with Monzo.Me

Me and my girlfriend both use Monzo and often use it to pay for bills, meals out and drinks. We then use to split the costs. However I feel this proces could be improved.
At the moment bills are not truly split, instead a request is sent to the other person for that amount. This transaction is not connected with the initial transaction.
At the moment the process looks like this;
-£10 Shopping
+£5 Monzo.Me split shopping
—total expenditure: £10 (when infact it should be £5)

Over the course of a month this distorts your spending drastically as Monzo doesn’t take into account bills that have been split.

After a bill has been split, the split amount is deducted from that transaction rather than it being in a seperate unrelated one. The user can then click that transaction and it will show a detailed view with all nested transactions within it.

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