Split the bill with monzo.me


Cool new feature - although it assumes you split all bills evenly.
Would it be possible to combine the receipt camera, some OCR, a calculator and then this feature.
You scan a receipt, it recognises the text, you assign each line to the relevant person, then it calculates the relevant totals.

It would make bill splitting exact every time - although perhaps it would come across a little stingy!

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This feature is great and I am heavily using it with my friends to split bills or flatmates for utility bills etc. But it would be great if the total spend for a purchase would be recalcuated once you received the money you requested for it.

For example if I buy 2 x tickets at £30 and then split the bill with a friends, it’d be useful to know that total cost for me is £15 once my friend paid in the other £15.



this would be even more useful if you could ‘tag’ multiple items to split with friends. essentially like having a list, say ‘Holiday’, and being able to add multiple items from all of your items, and then when i’m ready, split the total of multiple items. if i receive money via this monzo me link, then i can se what the payment is for (maybe i can click it, and see who has and hasn’t paid, am able to send reminder etc).

Great suggestions! This is currently an early stage of bill splitting and we’re definitely planning on improving over time, so thank you for the feedback! :grinning:

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checkout Splitwise for some inspiration. Monzo and Splitwise are my two financial companions i can’t function without.


I love the feature, although it would be much better if it would remind you after a few days (in case you haven’t got the payment) and maybe the other person (if it is a Monzo user of course)
Maybe it could offer a payment request Monzo-to-Monzo if both people have Monzo and so keep track of it for both, otherwise a (reminder/place where I can see) unpaid requests would be very helpful


Keeping track of who’s paid is being worked on by monzo, not sure if it does reminders etc but check out the coming soon section in sneak peeks in the app. I’ve dropped a screenshot below too!

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Thanks a lot, I’ll check it out

This looks great! Ive never really tried the monzo.me feature before. Is it going to be user friendly, similar to the likes of Paypal?