Group Split Payments

(Calum Chamberlain) #1


So just came back from Florida and Monzo made it so easy not having to deal with cash.

Whilst abroad my girlfriend and I split things like Ubers, food and general shopping and usually do it every couple of days. This meant that we needed to go through each transaction either sending them one by one using split the bill or adding them up and just sending it manually.

A simple idea we had was being able to go through your statement holding down the transactions you want to split and it will group them and send a link with however many people you want to split the bill with. Once you long press one transaction it could change the bottom bar to give you a total and a split using button.

Hope that makes sense, would love to hear what other people think :smile:

(Jill Hayes) #2

Sounds like a plan that me & him indoors would use! An easy plan that even my peabrain can understand. Great idea

(Keri) #3

That would be great. I’d use that as I do the same with my partner and it would make it so much easier :+1: