Split a monthly payment with Family/Friends

I think it would be good to be able to split a monthly payment with family and friends.

For example, me & my brother go halves on our Spotify family subscription. The full payment is then taken from my account. It would be good if i could mark that payment to be split with my brother so whenever that payment leaves my account it automatically is taken from my brothers account or send him a request for half the amount similar to the split bills.


Id love this for my flat electric and wifi bills :tada:

You might be interested in a feature we’re working on called Shared Tabs, which is currently in early access.

One of the ideas we have for improving it after launch is to automatically add recurring subscriptions to the tab, every time they go out…


Brilliant! I was looking at shared tabs last night. Great to hear that you are looking to implement a similar feature!

I know it’s boring, and not very technical, but can’t your brother just set up a standing order for the amount every month? Then he wouldn’t have to deal with it manually every month.

Some bills aren’t the same every month (eg: electricity, gas etc…).

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I understand