Uneven splits in shared tabs

Hi there,
Just wanted to post this feedback regarding shared tabs.

I have noticed this with my shared tab I have with my partner for household expenses. Generally, our system is that I pay for purchases (groceries, meals out, etc.) and then place the transaction on our shared tab so we can split it.

I’ve noticed that whenever the amount cannot be split evenly, and one person has to pay 1p more and one pays 1p less, the shared tab automatically defaults to my partner paying less each time.

It would be great if you could introduce a system where this is alternated for shared tabs, so that the amount paid by each person works out equal overall.

I’m aware that it’s only 1p per transaction and not significant, but with many purchases over time, this can add up and it seems like it would be an easy fix!

Thanks :blush:

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It’s 1p.

Take the hit for sake of arguments :joy:

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My goodness, how the entitled elite look down on us. :joy:

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I mean with their partner not here :confused::joy:

Though to be fair I’m not sure if they’d know the total cost? Not used split/shared much recent, I just say send me xyz, thanks.

Is it April 1st again?


This is true. Our shared tab total over the last 4 years in is at £35k. We’ve had a kid so lots of that is groceries and baby clothes! And a few holidays. Anyway, let’s assume it’s somewhere between 1000 x £35 transactions and 10,000 x £3.50 transactions, amounting to £10-100 of pennies largely in my partner’s favour. Well the one pennies have felt good, a casual generosity, but hardly a tax when I consider that I frequently eat more crisps, drink more beer and eat more of each meal :joy:

For another post: Feature Request 1: would LOVE to be able to export the shared tabs as an excel / Google Sheet and view in more detail. Often I’ll note down something manually from an AMEX spend, like “2023.05.02 Sainsbury’s on R’s AMEX” and only the first half of the text in legible in the iOS app. There is no way to see what else was written.

Feature Request 2: I’d love to be able to add transactions from the other accounts, which are shown in my Monzo Premium, to our shared tab in Monzo. It would save a huge amount of admin. As it is I have to remember I used the Amex, or keep a paper receipt, and then manually create in our shared tab. That is a lot of friction. Not doing this for 4 years means an enormous sum needs to be manually created. And an enormous room for error! Feels like an easy change to make. But is it?

At what point during the eighteen years of bringing up a child does it just become easier to use a joint account, rather than splitting every single transaction?

Interesting everyone does things differently.


This forum especially has taught me that people really do things in all ways, but it really really baffles me.