Spent today bug(?)


Not too sure if this is a bug or just the way it wirks here but my spent today should be £1, should it not? Or does the fact I have had a refund just mean I’ve theoretically spent nothing yet, until I spend the £29.99 worth?

(Nigel Laverick) #2

It could be something to do with Hobbycraft just verifying your card, therefore your spending is 0 as the £1 is only a hold?

(Caleb Wong) #3

Yea! Probably is just for authorisation and will amend to full amount when item dispatched.


Was an in store purchase. Usually it counts towards todays spend straight away.


@NigLav @milkbottlec Still not right now. Two transactions out from Amazon and still shows todays spend as zero. Can’t seem to upload a screenshot now.


You are correct. At the moment you would have to spend more than the refund amount for your spent today to change. I know it’s weird :blush: