So I spent a fortune one night out Hamburg.... "Spent Today" extension?

(Christopher McCarthy) #1

So there I am, bright card in hand on a stag do in Hamburg, all is going well until midnight (GMT) when my Spent Today reset itself to £0.00, quite naturally I couldn’t remember how much I had spent and after a day of German beer I was incapable of adding up all the transactions from the earlier in the day/night… to cut a long boozy story short, I unintentionally spent way more than I had planned. I believe this I may have been a little less generous if my Spent Today displayed £xxx.xx and not £0.00! :stuck_out_tongue:

As Spent Today is just the sum of all authorised transactions from 00:00 to 23:59 displayed for convenience, having a feature whereby you could extend your Spent Today for an additional x amount of hours so we don’t lose track of haw many rounds of Tequila we have bought wouldn’t be a difficult thing to implement?

I have seen you the previews of the new search feature you fantastic bunch have developed, maybe my problem could be partially solved by having a spent yesterday feature?

Love you bye x

EDIT (regarding Spent Today so didn’t want to start another thread)

Yesterday I setup my Mondo card as a contactless payment card on my TFL Oyster account and put my worn out Oyster card to rest. Worked fine, got me on the tube, but the transactions are delayed on the Mondo app by 24 hours, so yesterdays travel is displayed on Spent Today, and I’m assuming todays travel will be displayed on tomorrows Spent Today… Can this be fixed or not?


If it reset at midnight local you could hack it by moving your timezone west :slight_smile:

(Christopher McCarthy) #3

My memory is hazy from that night, but as far as I’m aware it reset at GMT so it was 01:00 in Germany.


You might have it to display the amount of money you spent in the last 24 hours, but this probably is too complicated. It would be better to just improve the search. At the moment we can search for ‘this month’, ‘last month’, ‘last week’ etc . Allowing a search entry like ‘last x hours’ would be really awesome.


I was under the impression it reset at 4am rather than midnight.



(Rob) #7

I have also read elsewhere on this forum the day rolls over at 4am, however my experience is that it resets to £0.00 at 1am.

(Adam) #8

It seems to reset at 00:59 BST which is 23:59 GMT/UTC (for me anyway) I’ve never seen it reset at 4am


Mine also resets at 01 BST


Maybe you should be able to tell the app “warn me (or stop me) when I’ve spent more than £x in x category over x period” :upside_down_face:


Just confirmed this, Spent today is reset at 00:00 UTC and so 01:00 GMT

(Frank) #12

What about a toggle on the date lines in the transaction list?

This could show spend today and You could tap it to see balance as of the end of that day.

Could maybe go one step further and use peek (iOS only) on the same field to see a list of daily spends/balances. This could also then pop into a spend page that just lists daily figures.

This could also allow you to collapse transactions into a date line as you have the daily spend or balance on the date line. Then expand if you want to see the transactions.

If I was any good at photoshop I would mock up what it could look like.

Would really help the OP on his next stag do.