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Am new to Monzo and still finding my way around … card only arrived last Saturday.

I work for an automotive manufacturer and used my card in the on-site canteen and coffee shop today. As the company name is in the transaction info, the spend gets put under ‘Transport’ in spending and not in ‘Eating Out’.

Is there any way I can ‘teach’ the app to put the canteen and coffee shop spends as eating out and not transport?



Hi Jon & welcome :wave:

If an auto-assigned category seems wrong to me, I change the auto-assigned category of the transaction to a preferred one. From this point on, it usually enters future transactions with the same merchant with the corrected category assigned.


Great, thanks David.

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I have a similar issue, I do obviously change the category when I buy something from the canteen, but then when I get paid it gets categorised as “eating out” :joy:. So have to change that, and then when using the canteen change it again as it then gets categorised as “finances”.

I also have a direct debit with the same company just to complicate changing the categories further :sob:.

Would be cool it learned to use the 3 categories (eating out, bills, finances) for the right transactions based on what you have set them to before - the merchant info is obviously very different on each even though it’s the same company.

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Yeah, multiple types of purchases with the same merchant will certainly mess things up and I’m not sure anything other than manual correction would work in those cases (thank goodness I said “usually” above) :wink:

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