Assigning merchants to categories


Liking Monzo a lot but it would be really useful if when the category was changed for one transaction all transactions with that supplier were automatically changed too. E.g I just changed XYZ Transport Provider from Bills to Transport but only the single transaction was changed.

In order to use Monzo effectively would be great to see functionality within the app to remember which category you usually put a merchant in, and do it automatically

(Max Walker) #2

I can see your point but thenI usually want my tesco shopping to go in groceries but then sometimes I pop in to buy a blu ray and I’d like it to go in entertainment.

Unfortunately, a solution like this wouldn’t allow me to do that if it automatically changed the transaction types. In my opinion it would be far better to have a little toggle in the menu that asks something like “change all transactions to this type” when you manually set the transaction category.

(Keri) #3

I think the problem with that is that sometimes they need to be assigned separately. For example if I buy petrol from Tesco the petrol station and the supermarket appear as the same. So I have to change the categories myself as everytime I go to one the category defaults to the other. So I go between groceries and transport. This wouldn’t work for me.


Hi Sally!

Just to add a trick here, once you have changed the category all transactions going forward will remember your setting until you change it again.

So if on 1st Jan you put Tesco at Transport and go back to the supermarket on 3rd Jan, it will be categorised as Transport, when you change that to Groceries and go back on 6th Jan it will be categorised as Groceries.

I hope that makes sense.