Re-Categorise all payments from this merchant

Realised from the 2018 summary that a lot of my older payments to certain places are categorised wrongly (i changed the way I categorised some things part way through the year) and thought it’d be great to have an option to update the category of all past payments to this merchant in one click. Might be especially useful if Monzo start adding more categories!


I quite like this idea actually, I think Emma does it


It does yeah it’s a neat feature


Yeah I had this issue - it says that CoOp is my top for groceries AND shopping. (I’m lazy and it’s next door, okay…)

EDIT: I went through and changed them all manually. Having to open each transaction to see the category was a pain…

Believe this is something Starling implemented recently

This is a huge feature that is missing! A lot of bars have different categories either “eating out” or “entertainment” and i would like them all to just be the same

If it were to be introduced, it would have to be optional. Some of us deliberately change merchant categories for specific payments and wouldn’t want those retroactively changed.

When I was on holiday I categorised all my payements as ‘Holiday’, including a few McDonalds payments and one supermarket payment I’d normally have as Eating Out and Shopping. I wouldn’t want those to be changed away from Holiday.

Occasionally if I’ve done a targeted shop at the supermarket I’ll change the category to Entertainment or Eating Out, rather than shopping, to better reflect the spend (say, preparing for a party, or buying things to make a special meal instead of eating out). In those cases I’m deliberately trying to separate those transactions from Shopping, so wouldn’t want them retroactively changed back!

It’s definitely time for Monzo to rethink categories, though, and I believe they’ve said they are doing so. I know I slightly ‘hack’ things by using categories I don’t actually use to segregate some things off, but it’s far from ideal.

One thing I’d like - for supermarket shops to be able to be broken down a bit more. It all goes in ‘Shopping’ at the moment, but it would be nice to say how much you’re spending on “Food” and “Drink”, or “Essentials” and “Luxuries”, for example.


It would definitely need to be optional, I just want a button/toggle that would be ‘mark all previous spends at this merchant as this category’ kind of thing.

This is a good point - it reminds me that I often categorise items from the same place as different - i.e if I went to a pub for dinner it would be ‘eating out’ however if I went for a pint, ‘entertainment’.

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Just a button that says edit once or edit series would be good


Would definitely love a bulk tag/ edit category function. I think some of my transactions were categorised wrongly/ made a one-off purchase for something else and I didn’t bother changing them at the time :sweat_smile:

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I was looking for this feature after the 2018 round too - it tells me my top Eating Out place was Eat, which isn’t correct. I never ‘eat out’ there, just get lunch, and I go to Pret waaaay more, but it must be in a different category.

I think a version where you can select multiple (regardless of vendor) would be useful too - Go down the list and tap all the things I want to change to “Groceries” in one go - not necessarily the same vendor.

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It would be useful if you could select multiple/all items from a search, and recategorise them there, rather than on a per-merchant basis

Even better, two toggles… One that says ‘mark all previous spend at this merchant as X category’, and another that says 'except where tagged as ‘x’ category (ie. holidays).