Received Money should be applied to spending category

(Fer Saravia) #1

If I receive a payment and categorize it as “eating out”, then that amount should be substracted from my “eating out” spending total.

Example, this actually happened today: I go out for dinner with a friend and I pay the bill for both to make everything quicker and then he sends me the money back through Monzo. I categorize it as “eating out” but my total spending for that category is unchanged.

Seems like categorizing incoming payment has no effect or perhaps its delayed. (Android app)

Incoming payment categorisation
Incoming payment categorisation
(Alex Sherwood) #2

Edit struck through text was my original feedback but it is incorrect.

I’ve just checked in the iOS app & categorised credits (received from users who sent them using the Monzo to Monzo transfer feature) are deducted from the spend total, for the category that they’ve been allocated to. So if that’s not happening for you, it looks like this is a bug.

It might be worth quitting & reopening the app, to see whether that has any effect?

(Fer Saravia) #3

Hey Alex, thanks for the quick reply! just tried and closed the app and it didnt update. I also tried hard-closing the app via “force stop” but nothing.

It’s nothing urgent, but I’m glad it’s being looked at :slight_smile: thanks!

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Hey Fer, looks like I need to make this the last post of the evening!

I’m afraid I was checking a transfer I had made, rather than one I’d received there :see_no_evil: I don’t have the option to categorise incoming payments either.

Monzo is aware of this issue, other posts like this one have touched on it & no doubt they’re working on a fix :hammer:

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