Does Summary take bill splitting into account?

Say I spend £100. Then bill split with someone. £50 each. That person settles up.

Should Summary show that I have spent £100 or £50?

It should say £50 in my opinion.

I would agree that it should show £50.
Does it not?

I’m not sure. I’ve got too many transaction so it’s had to cut out all the noise.

The way you describe is definitely the logically way, so hopefully, that is either how it is done or how it will be done

I’ve just received some money from a bill split and Summary ‘This Month’ doesn’t seem to have decreased.

Would like some official word from the Monzo team on this! If bill split payments are treated like income this is useless.


I agree that it is confusing to work out if this is working - I am pretty sure that the other persons portion of my bill is not removed from my summary. It is even worse when the other person isn’t on Monzo, because I don’t think the app understands that I received the money for a split bill. Surely the way to fix this is to remove the split portion of the bill when it is split, not when it is paid - this would simplify the process and respect accounting principles (the fact you might not have been actually paid yet is just a cash flow issue, not a spend issue)