SOLVED Can't exclude some incoming transfers from spending summary?


I’m bit confused as to how the app is handling some incoming transfers. Why do some incoming transfers show up as positive balance on the spending summary and there is no option whatsoever to exclude from summary? (it seems to be only transfers from other Monzo accounts)

Me and my partner both each have a Monzo personal acocunt and we have a joint account together. We each transfer money to the joint account and pay bills and other joint expenses from there. However, whenever my partner transfers money his incoming transfers show up as positive balance in the spending summary (this does not happen when I transfer money) and I have no option to exclude his transfers from summary. This is really annoying as I want to control how much we spend but I can’t actually see how much we spend overall because it’s throwing positive balance from his incoming transfers into it. This is also affecting budgets. We have a budget set on the joint account for how much we want to spend excluding committed spending and my app shows that we still have all of our budget available for the month to spend, as if we’ve had no expenses yet this month which is not true. I’m guessing the budget is taking into account those extra incoming transfers. Is there a way to exclude these transfers from summary and I just haven’t figured out? If not, what is the reason for this? It seems weird that it can’t be done…

Figured it out: it’s when I do a payment request, rather than the other person just transferring, that this happens. Just leaving it here in case anyone is confused about it as well!

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This is frustrating me as well. When I add a bill to a split tab with someone, evey time they clear the bill it counts as a positive contribution on my spending summary which I don’t want.

Is there any way yet to disguard it from my summary?