Why is the summary not excluding the 'excluded' 🤔?

I find it really strange that when I am excluding a transaction it is still shown in the summary for every month. This makes it really difficult to see how I’m doing at a glance as I have to always tap on the specific month to check the spending.

For example last month I had to put through a transaction for a friend so, after I payed, he transferred £414 to me. This is of course completely irrelevant to my budget so I excluded it from summary using the toggle. Now my summary looks like so:

As you can see March appears as £1,245 spent! A similar issue had occured for January. This is really confusing and it has made looking back on my spending pattern impossible unless I go through each month individually…


Seconding this issue. It’s a real pain. I can’t understand the way Monzo treats committed spends and reimbursements from friends and family.
The budget feature is useless until I can discount transactions from my summary that aren’t part of my budget.


Agreed - this is a stupid issue. I transfer £1000 to one of my accounts and then back to Monzo. It shows as £1000 spending! Needs to be addressed can’t imagine it would be complex.

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I’ve never noticed this until I read this! Mine doesn’t reflect excluded transactions at all.

I keep my savings for a house in Natwest, and it’s counting the transfers I make each month even though I exclude them.


I also get very irritated by this issue. Is there any work being done on preventing this?


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