Credits very slow


Keep getting money credits through VERY slowly at the moment. So much so that my daughter cannot rely on her Monzo card now and is going to start using her other debit card. Needs to be more reliable.

(Dan Warriner) #2

Is this via the prepaid card or the current account?

Bank transfers to the prepaid card rely on somebody from Monzo manually crediting the money to your card using the reference number and this can take up to 24 working hours (I believe).

If you’re using the current account, I haven’t experienced any issues with incoming credits. Have you tried contacting CS in-app?

(MikeF) #3

Also, if it is the prepaid card, remember that it’s being effectively discontinued in the next few months so development effort is probably not best targeted at that product.

(Simon B) #4

There’s a temporary issue going on right now with P2P transactions that mean they aren’t showing right away in the app, but take a few minutes to come through - we’re aware and it’ll be fixed very soon!


Yeh this is via the pre-paid card … they need to get this automated then!


Jon Langston
Xcedes IT Consultant
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Is it? I’ve no idea as I do not have time to sift through the amount of
information we get sent through - so ONLY the current account will be
available, is that correct?


Jon Langston
Xcedes IT Consultant
[Details removed by staff]

(MikeF) #7

Yes, that’s correct.