Specific USD Note Denonimations

I’m jetting off to the US pretty soon. I will of course be taking my Monzo card, but I was planning to get $100 or so worth of small notes to use for restaurant tipping/incidentals etc. Does anyone know of anywhere I can get this, specifying I need $1 or $5 notes? I’m wary of online deals where I might be given 5 $20 notes (or worse), so I popped into TUI at a retail park near me and though they would give me small notes, their in-store rates were abysmal :frowning: - $1.15 or so.

Any advice/info is much appreciated!

The best thing to do is withdraw whilst you’re there. You’ll get charged a fee, but at least you’ll get the Mastercard rate.

As for the specific notes… Perhaps you could try withdrawing inside the bank from a teller, rather than from an ATM. That’d allow you to specify getting it $5 bills. I doubt they’d give you 100 x $1 bills, but 20 x $5 shouldn’t be a problem.


Withdraw there. ATM fees (from the ATM operator themselves, as Monzo don’t charge fees below 200£ worth of withdrawals per month) are still way less than the “0% commission” travel money places.

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I hadn’t really thought of withdrawing there - I figured I’d have the same problem and get 5 $20s or something, and I wasn’t sure how fees worked there. I like the idea of trying inside the bank, that’s a good idea :grin:

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Some Wells Fargo ATMs let you choose your notes, but they can charge up to $5 a withdrawal…

There are ATMs which allow you to select which notes you want, but I don’t know whether they are available in America. I guess if you can find a brand new machine?

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Strip clubs will change them dollar dollar bills yo :eyes:


Maybe if I can sneak off from the Mrs… :rofl:

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